Saturday Morning Reviews - Dunkirk

Movie Babies presents a new online series: Saturday Morning Reviews! The series where Devin refuses to wear a shirt and engages in what can only be described as 'food gore'. Join us as we discuss the latest T.V. & Movies we've watched as we go about our morning routines (you can tell I legit just woke up. For some reason that's where I feel like it's important to be authentic & legitimate). Wake up every Saturday morning with the Movie Babies! Put on your robe, grab your breakfast, and watch as we review your favorite things, so you don't have to! In the second episode Devin reviews Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk on the Seattle IMAX. Enjoy the review spoiler free until Spoilers: 7:11 - 13:11. Be sure to check out our podcast, Movie Babies, where we review the latest & greatest TV & Movie trailers!