049 -- Cold Pursuit / What Men Want

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And now back to your regularly scheduled Movie Babies #MuBaes. Movie Babies is a trailer review podcast, reviewing the latest & greatest in movie trailers! It’s a themed episode! Grab your Valentine and cozy up next to episode 49 of the Movie Babies as we review Liam Neeson’s Cold Pursuit & What Men Want!

Celebrity Guest Paul Thelen of the Let’s Start Over podcast brings us two of his favorite genres of movies, romantic comedies and Liam Neeson. First up is Western Family’s James Bond as Neeson needs more revenge for his bad parenting. Is this really his last action flick? Also, there’s no mind reading needed when The MuBaes review the spiritual successor to 2000’s What Women Want with this gender swapped, 19 years in the making, What Men Want.  But what does the general movie going audience want? What they really, really want? The Movie Babies ultimately decide whether the trailers sell ‘em on a trip to the theater with their patented Movie Babies Rating System.

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Intro: Schweingulch

Review 1: Cold Pursuit (6:20)

Review 2: What Men Want (33:56)

Outro: Cinamorous: Cold Pursuit (54:09)

Shoutouts:  The Happy Place, Borgen Does Science, Intellitonic (18:58)

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