The College Years 009 -- Mortal Engines

MuBae Engines CY.jpg

We interrupt your regularly scheduled Movie Babies #MuBaes to bring you this special episode of The College Years where we review not a trailer but the entire film! Celebrity Guest Noel Abbot of Bellingham’s The Happy Place returns to follow up his review of the Mortal Engines trailer from episode 46 to give our opinions of the actual movie!

It’s the ultimate game of telephone as the MuBaes break down the entire Mortal Engines book series. How does the book and film compare and contrast? What’s in store for possible sequels and what would the Movie Babies change? Most importantly we discuss, was the movie worth a trip to the theater or were we duped by the trailer?

This is a spoiler filled review of the film Mortal Engines and it’s a long one, so be prepared to learn more about Mortal Engines then you had ever dreamed! Stay tuned for exciting news about Season 2 of the Movie Babies starting with episode 51! In the meantime catch a brand new episode 2/11/19!

Shoutouts:  The Happy Place 

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