046 -- The Equalizer 2 / Mortal Engines

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Back to your regularly scheduled Movie Babies, #MuBaes. Movie Babies is a trailer review podcast, reviewing the latest & greatest in movie trailers! Celebrity Guest Noel Abbott joins us to review Denzel Washington’s first-ever sequel, The Equalizer 2 and Peter Jackson’s latest, Mortal Engines!

Episode 46 in which we test our new microphones and possibly fail miserably. If the audio sounds bad at certain parts please stick with it. And if it sounds excellent in others I assure you, it was entirely by accident. Celebrity guest Noel Abbot joins us officially for the first time as we record live in the studio at Bellingham’s The Happy Place, a place for events and creative offices! http://happy-place.co/

We discuss Denzel as an action star as Devin pitches “Outlaw’s Paradise” a Grumpy Old Man reboot with Denzel and Clint Eastwood. Sean & Noel try to wrap their minds around Mortal Engines a book series turned film where Countries battle each other on wheels. The gang then tries to pitch their own young adult book series to sell to Hollywood. Somewhere in between we discuss the actual trailers for the film and rate it with the patented Movie Babies Rating System.


Intro: Reviews Review! (We review a new review for our show from The IMDB Journey Podcast

Review 1: The Equalizer 2 (07:25)

Review 2: Mortal Engines (48:00)

Outro: Fantastic Rentals and Where to Find Them! Find out what our celebrity guest recommends to rent this week from Film is Truth: www.filmistruth.com (01:32:56)

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