The College Years 008 -- Avengers: Infinity War

MuBae War

It took 10 years to arrive at Avengers: Infinity Wars and only 2 hours for the Movie Babies #MuBaes to make a mess of it! In today's special spin-off episode, we reviewed not a trailer, but an entire film! That's right, this movie baby is all grown up and off to college, as we review the biggest film in all the galaxy, Avengers: Infinity Wars!

MuBae Sean is under house arrest, so Nick Fury has called in returning celebrity guest Bobby Yost. Unlike other reviews, while Bobby LOVED the movie, Devin HATED it. Get both sides of the story, as Devin breaks down his many issues with Infinity Wars with 2 words! Bobby pitches his insane theory about the end of the movie, and Thanos doesn’t know how babies are made! The review is full of spoilers, so unless you have a Time stone and intend to use it watch the flick first!


Film Discussion with Spoilers

How I'd Fix the Marvel Timeline (1:05:50)

How I'd Fix Avengers: Infinity War (1:13:55)

Predictions for Avengers 4 (01:22:20)

Shoutouts: Comic Book episode: 035 -- Justice League / Thor: Ragnarok

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