042 -- 1st Annual MuBies Trailer Awards

Back to your regularly scheduled Movie Babies #MuBaes. Movie Babies is a trailer review podcast, reviewing the latest & greatest trailers! Move over Oscar, The MuBaes have their own awards show now! We nominate the best and worst trailers of the past 41 episodes and battle it out until we crown a new champion. Each year the winner must defend their title for its category. Buckle up for the 1st Annual MuBies Trailer Awards Show Extravaganza!
Episode 42 in which we nominate trailers from the past year for the following categories: Best Trailer to Worst Movie, Worst Trailer to Best Movie, Worst Remixing of a Pop Song, The MBCU (Movie Babies Cinematic Universe) Award for Best Combining of Franchises, Worst Trailer of the Year, Best Trailer of the Year and crowning the 1st ever Movie Baby of the Year! 
Intro: Opening Song and Monologue
Best Trailer to Worst Movie: (4:50)
Worst Trailer to Best Movie: (12:40)
Worst Remixing of a Pop Song: (22:50)
The MBCU (Movie Babies Cinematic Universe) Award: (27:57)
Best Trailer of the Year: (44:40)
In Memoriam: Movie Babies Banned List: (57:58)
Worst Trailer of the Year: (01:01:10)
Outro: After Party:  (01:11:10)
Including: Movie Baby of the Year, 1st ever “fan” email, New Facebook likes and Devin guest stars on the Bellingham Art Beat Radio/Podcast! Currently airs on Make.Shift Radio KZAX LP FM 94.9 Website: https://bellinghamartbeat.wordpress.com/
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