029 -- Battle of the Sexes / Mother!

MuBaes 29

Back to your regularly scheduled Movie Babies #MuBaes. Movie Babies is a trailer review podcast, reviewing the latest & greatest trailers. In today's episode we review Emma Stone’s and Steve Carell’s Battle of the Sexes & Jennifer Lawrence’s Mother!

Episode 29 In which it’s the battle of the sexes of the battle of the sexes as celebrity guest Laine Keniston returns to smash the patriarchy. She also reviews a couple trailers with us. Devin & Laine face off in their own battle of the sexes in a Wikipedia-Off on if the real story of Billie Jean King is potentially more interesting than the movie version. We decide if Darren Aronofsky’s latest is real or all in her head. And somewhere in between we discuss the actual trailers for the movies and rate them with the patented Movie Babies Rating System.


Intro: IT (2017) mini review w/spoilers “Beverly is the new Barb”

Review 1: Battle of the Sexes (12:47)

Review 2: Mother! (43:22)

Outro: Worse fears & Sharis Pie Shakes (1:06:14)

Spoiler Alert(s): 

IT (2017): 00:00-12:47 & 1:09:18-1:09:30

Get Out 51:00-51:15

Potentially Mother!: 53:10 -53:59

Passengers: 56:10- 56:38

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