025 -- Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle / Jumanji (1995)

Back to your regularly scheduled Movie Babies #MuBaes. Movie Babies is a trailer review podcast, reviewing the latest & greatest trailers. In today's episode we review Jumanji & Jumanji. Wait, that can't be right?!

It's an episode filled with firsts, as we welcome returning celebrity guest Joe Olmstead as he reviews our first retro trailer 1995's Jumanji, as we attempt to compare and contrast with 2017's Jumanji.

Reviewing The Rock's newest blockbuster is Jess Tholmer, outstanding writer and twitter warrior, we recommend checking out her work at jessicatholmer.com.

In this episode we ponder what you do if you Freaky Friday'd with The Rock? We also pitch the best Rock film ever made, as we shamelessly start a campaign to get him to tweet us #RocktheMuBaes. The boys also stay up past their bedtime, as we record in the early morning and get sleep drunk. The mayhem ends with a Jumanji Rap Battle. Somewhere in between, we discuss the actual trailers for the movies and rate them with the patented Movie Babies Rating System, based on an old Coca Cola ad.


Intro: Sleep Drunk

Review 1: Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (04:00)

Review 2: Jumanji: 1995 (36:44)

Outro: Live Shows & Jumanji Rap (1:13:25)

Spoiler Alert(s): Beyond the Gates (1:04:25 - 1:06:00)

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