021 -- Black Panther / Transformers: The Last Knight

Back to your regularly scheduled Movie Babies! Movie Babies is a trailer review show. In today's episode we review the trailers for Marvel’s Black Panther & the recently released Transformers: The Last Knight

Joining us is celebrity guest Tyler Swank, filmmaker and editor extraordinaire. Check out his work at www.crookedtooth.net

In this episode, the Movie Babies create the ultimate shared universe pitting every 80's and 90's cartoon into a Battle Royale, Devin starts rapping and can't stop, won't stop and somewhere in between all that we discuss the actual trailers for the movies.

The Baby Driver Poll is still up on twitter, Are you Team Sean or Team Devin? Visit our twitter page Movie Babies to cast your vote.


Intro: Ultimate Passes, Baby Driver Poll, Sean: The Cynical Knight

Review 1: Black Panther (10:16)

Review 2: Transformers: The Last Knight (41:55)

Outro: Poll and Outro Rap (1:20:03)

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