020 -- Cars 3 / Baby Driver

Back to your regularly scheduled Movie Babies! Movie Babies is a trailer review show. In today's episode we review the trailers for the recently released Cars 3 & the trailer that almost broke up the Movie Babies, Baby Driver. 

Joining us celebrity guest Douglas Sacrison, screenwriter & author. You can get his book The Gelatin Coast: A Novel of Misadventure now! The boys find out they are a bunch of Dinosaur kids as they attempt to review Cars, Doug won't leave the topic of face tattoos alone and Sean & Devin get into a heated discussion that only the Movie Babies Universe can solve. Please vote and help decide a winner, visit our twitter page Movie Babies to vote. Are you Team Sean or Team Devin? Somewhere in between we discuss the actual trailers for the movies and decide, did the trailer sell us on a trip to the theater?!


Intro: Avoiding Wonder Woman

Review 1: Cars 3 (5:45)

New Segment: Guess What the Trailer is About Without Seeing It (41:30)

Review 2: Baby Driver (51:23)

Outro: Vote on Twitter Poll (1:22:22)

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