018 -- Star Wars: The Last Jedi / Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales


It's our completely artificial season premiere of the Movie Babies! After celebrity guest Keith Carmack destroyed the playpen, the Movie Babies are back doing what they do best, reviewing the latest movie trailers! This week they review the first look from Star Wars episode VIII, The Last Jedi. They also review the trailer for the just released Pirates of the Caribbean. Is it worth a trip to the theater?

Joining us is celebrity guest Gillian Myers. You can catch Gillian at Bellingham's own, The Upfront Theater! #RyanStilesMuBaes. The three of them call out Vin Diesel, pitch their spin off podcast, "Are They Innocent?" first case: Michael Jackson, and somewhere in between they discuss the actual trailers for the movies. Not only do we answer if these trailers sell us on a trip to the theater, we also ask the question, can you Movie Baby it? As we reimagine the Pirates franchise with Eddie Murphy as Captain EO.

Spoiler Alert(s): Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens

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