The College Years 004 -- Power Rangers

It's a special spin off episode of Movie Babies! In today's episode we reviewed not a trailer, but an entire film! That's right, this movie baby is all grown up and off to college, as Sean & Devin lend their thoughts on Saban's Power Rangers.

In their review of the Power Ranger trailer (episode 009) the boys whined and spit up all over this 2017 remake. Did their opinions change after watching the film in theaters? Is it another case of the movie being better than the trailer? All these answers and ones you didn't even have questions for, on this episode of the Movie Babies.

Expect the next full length Movie Babies this upcoming Thursday, April 27th. This one is too hot for air, will it be the episode that finally gets the Movie Babies kicked out of the Podcasting inner circle? Find out next week for the Season Finale of Movie Babies.  

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