009 -- The Shack / Power Rangers

Movie Babies is a trailer review show! In today’s episode we reviewed a listener submitted trailer “The Shack” along with 90’s reboot/reimagining “Power Rangers.” 

For today’s edition of Movie Babies Bingo, mark your square anytime Devin sings the Power Ranger theme, anytime Sean says “Maybe the second trailer will give me a little bit more” and Bingo Blackout anytime the Movie Babies whine about things being different. Do the Movie Babies find God in their review of The Shack? And who would be their personal God in their own Shack? And in our whiniest review yet the Movie Babies deconstruct 2017’s Power Ranger, by going on tangents about kids toys and Big Bad Beetleborgs. 

You can watch the trailers before the episode at our Youtube, including the mentioned Power Ranger Toy commercials. Using the Official Movie Babies Rating System, we let you know if the trailer sells us on a trip to the theaters.

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