037 -- The Greatest Showman / Phantom Thread

The Greatest MuBae

Back to your regularly scheduled Movie Babies #MuBaes. Movie Babies is a trailer review podcast, reviewing the latest & greatest trailers. It’s a very special Holiday Extravaganza as we celebrate the holidays with two Christmas releases, Hugh Jackman’s The Greatest Showman & Daniel Day Lewis’s last film, Phantom Thread!

Episode 37 In which Santa pays a visit and tells the Movie Babies if they’ve been naughty or nice. Celebrity guest Chris Patton sees over 100 Christmas movies every year and breaks down what makes a Holiday film. We finally get the definitive answer to, “Is Die Hard a Christmas movie?” Chris is also a musical connoisseur as we take on The Greatest Showman and we get a little more technical as we dissect Paul Thomas Anderson’s latest, Phantom Thread. Somewhere in between we discuss the actual trailers for the movies and rate them. But what’s that in Santa’s sack? Chris bring back his own Pepsi Rating System introduced in Episode 4.


Intro: Favorite Christmas Movies

Review 1: The Greatest Showman (9:21)

Review 2: Phantom Thread (41:43)

Outro: Phantom Thread: Home Aloned (1:01:20)

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