MuBies Trailer Awards

We nominate the best and worst trailers of the year as they battle it out until we crown a new champion! Each year the winner must defend their title for its category. Who's taking home the MuBies Championship?!

1st Annual MuBies Trailer Award Show 2018
Best Trailer of the Year:
Girl's Trip - Episode 017 & College Years 006
Worst Trailer of the Year:
Deathwish - Episode 030
Best Trailer to Worst Movie:
Star Wars: The Last Jedi - Episode 018
Worst Trailer to Best Movie:
Coco - Episode 028
Worst Remixing of a Pop Song:
Justice League: Heroes - Episode 035
MBCU (Movie Babies Cinematic Universe) Award:
Universal Breakfast Cereal Monsters - Episode 004